Mid Review: Chicago Typewriter


TT Sorry for the late update TT Shall we start the review? ^.^

I love Chicago Typewriter. Though I miss the mid point of the drama to make the review, I want to express my love for it. I don’t want to give to much of it away and it’s not because I know any spoilers. It’s because I’m still trying to find out the mystery behind the storyline. I’ll explain. ^.^ What’s makes Chicago Typewriter unique is the way the writers came up with the drama. And though it kills me to wait till the end, cause I want to know what happen in the past, the story is spilt between the past and the present. Each episode slowly brings more information and with that, we start to guess what happened in the past.

Just to give you a little background information, as I said before the drama is spilt between past and present. In the past, we are met with 3 characters, Seo Hwi Young (Yoo Ah In’s character), Ryu Soo Hyun (Im Soo Jung’s character), and Shin Yool (Go Kyung Pyo’s character) and are defined as friends with the agenda to revolt against Japanese power in Korean during the 1930s. Again, we don’t know much of their past and it is only through the story line that we start to know them better.

The drama starts off with focusing mostly in the present and so Han Se Joo (who is Seo Hwi Young’s present self), Jeon Seol (Ryu Soo Hyun’s present self), and Yoo Jin Oh (Shin Yool’s present) reunite but as strangers. Han Se Joo as a writer, Jeon Seol as a veterinary Yoo Jin Oh as a ghost writer. Together, they start to remember their past life and their interaction with each other is funny and beautiful, especially when we see their past self. It’s hard to say how it will end but I for one am hoping for a happy ending and closure.

Check out the cast: http://asianwiki.com/Chicago_Typewriter

Drama binge here: https://dramanice.es/drama/chicago-typewriter-detail

Oh! Another thing I should mention is the OST. The songs oh so work for this drama. Especially this one, which I have become obsessed with ^.^



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