Mid Review – Introverted Boss

I’m so sorry for my long absence:(  Let’s get to the review 🙂

***Beware of Spoilers***

Introverted Boss Poster

I’ve been trying to catch up with dramas and this one got my interested as it was created from the same team as Oh Hae Young Again and Marriage, Not Dating, dramas I really enjoyed. After episode 4, I liked but it was delayed for a week due to viewers’ comments. I was surprised that they delayed it and started to reshoot certain scenes. I get it though. Since the drama was coming from works that were well loved, the ratings for the show wasn’t doing so well. As of now, I still like it. However, I feel that the female character lost her purpose after the scripts change. She was out for revenge for sister and it seems that her friend is bringing her back to it last week episodes. I’m loving all the characters especially “Boss” aka the introverted boss.

Introverted Boss

Some of the cast member of Oh Hae Young are part of this drama, which I’m definitely loving and I’m hoping for maybe a cameo of a certain couple, but who knows if it’ll happen. The drama focuses on the mysterious person clothed in black. He is so shy and lovable, you wouldn’t believe that there was someone out in the world trying to get revenge.

Introverted Boss Cast

Introducing Chae Ro Woon, a energetic person who lives her life happily but under certain circumstance it’s all a lie. It’s saddening to know what happened to her family and hopefully the show gives her the closure she needs.

Introverted Boss Female Lead

I’m not sure how the rating is but I hope the cast are doing well and that it doesn’t effect them. Everyone is doing a great job! As kdrama say, Fighting!!!

Check out the cast here: http://asianwiki.com/Introverted_Boss

Check out the drama here: http://dramanices.com/drama/introverted-boss-detail 


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