Mid Review – Defendant

Damn! Excuse the language, but seriously, what an intense show!

Ji Sung is fantastic in this drama and my heart breaks for him and what I’m really hoping for is a happy ending, where the bad guys are in jail.

***Beware of Spoilers***

Defendant Poster

Most of you are already watching the show and I’m binge watching to catch up. It’s suppose to have 16 episodes in total but was bumped up to two more, making it a total of 18, to complete the story. I’m not complaining, I’ll take it. But, would I be able to stand it? Like any drama, the villains and whatever plan they have, will make me want to punch them (if I could). ^^

Defendant Ji Sung

Even the poster show we are in for a lot of sorrow 😦 I’m hoping the story can continue to run perfectly. Ratings for show are doing very well. The drama tells of a lawyer, who wakes up to find that he is in prison for the death of his wife and daughter. Now, the thing is he doesn’t remember anything, all he knows is that he is in jail. Again, Ji Sung delivers such raw emotion in every episode, he’s going to get another Daesang Award.

Defendant Yuri

Girl’s Generation, Yuri is in her first drama role and she is doing really well. Her portrayal as a defensive attorney is spot on and I’m glad she portrays one that doesn’t give up. She works to save Jung Woo’s life (Ji Sung). Hopefully luck is on her side.

Defendant Poster 2

Our villain of this drama is Cha Min Ho, he’s crazy! Murder, identity theft, etc. I can’t wait till he gets caught and gets punished for all his evil doings. How can we wait for till the last episode to get justice?

Last week, we were left with no preview so hopefully something comes up tomorrow and shows what in store for Jung Woo, especially after you know what happen. (I won’t say any spoilers)

Check out the cast here: http://asianwiki.com/Defendant_(Korean_Drama)

Check out the drama here: http://dramanices.com/drama/defendant-detail



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