Mid Review: Goblin

Happy Holidays everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying their break and holidays!!! (^.^)

(^.^)…Shall we get to Goblin…(^.^)

Goblin Poster

My mantra for this drama has been, ‘Don’t get obsessed…Don’t get obsessed…’ But who are we kidding? The cast is stellar and their chemistry is fantastic, especially between Goblin and Grim Reaper. (*~^.^~*)


First off, let me get this off my chest…it’s Gong Yoo!!! The last time I saw him was for Coffee Prince and I have yet to watch his movies that have come out this year (which I’m been hearing were all fantastic) and they gave an ode to Gong Yoo’s Train to Busan in episode 7 of Goblin. It’s good to see him on tv again. It’s great to see you again Lee Dong Wook, Kim Go Eun, Yoo In Na, and Yook Sung Jae!!! Did I mention that the cast was great?

Goblin has been doing very well in the ratings and I hope it keeps getting better from their storyline to the dynamics between the characters. The drama was written by none other than Kim Eun Suk, the writer for Descendants of the Sun, Secret Garden, etc. We are in good hands!!!

Kim Shin Kim Sun and Kim Shin King






Goblin focuses on life and death between Goblin and Ji Eun Tak. Though I won’t give too much spoilers, I will give you the backstory of what we have received up until now. Kim Shin, a Goryeo General who is killed by his King because of jealously. We don’t know much of Kim Shin’s past but we are slowly getting the pieces. Kim So Hyun plays Kim Shin’s sister and Queen and Kim Min Jae plays the King and brother-in-law of Kim Shin.

His body is left in a field to die but through his servant’s plea, a deity brings him back to life but not as a human as a goblin. To end his immortal life of a goblin, the sword that was impaled into him before his death is still in his chest and can only be removed by his bride. Living a long life, about 900 years, he is ready to die, but he starts to waver when he meets Ji Eun Tak.

Ji Eun Tak Ji Eun Tak's mother Goddess






Ji Eun Tak has been through a lot. Before she was born, her mother was living by herself. We don’t know much of Eun Tak’s dad but during her pregancy, Eun Tak’s mother looked upon a grandmother to help her out. It is with her that we learn about the Goblin. He will come when your heart truly wished upon it. On her way back home, she gets hit by car and begging for help, the Goblin shows up to say her baby’s life and that of Eun Tak’s mother.

Eun Tak is a specially child as she starts to see ghost and has a strange marking behind her neck. At the age of 9, she loses her mother and lives with her aunt. She meets Goblin and her dimmed world starts to get better. I do hope for a happy ending between the two. Now, the old grandma is a very interesting character as we see her as a young woman. What is her role?

Grim Reaper and Goblin Goblin and Grim Reaper Kim Sunny








Next is our lovable Grim Reaper, who does not like to be touched because once he touches them, he sees their past life. The Grim Reaper can’t stand Goblin and Goblin can’t stand the Grim Reaper. But, why are these two just lovable when they are together in a scene? We don’t know much about Grim Reaper but again, as we start to know more, we slowly start to get pieces of a puzzle. Especially, concerning him and Sunny.

Yoo Duk Hwa and Grandfather

Last but not least, we have Duk Hwa and his grandfather. Their family was the family member Kim Shin saved before his death. In doing so, he has been with the family for generations and Duk Hwa is the most recent/youngest member of the family that will be/”serve” with Kim Shin until death. Even though Duk Hwa is spoiled by his family’s wealth, he has his moments.

Goblin is slated for 16 episodes and we only have 8 episodes left 😥

Youtuber Roseapple CH OST placed the OST in a playlist. Check out the OST here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcKR0LPwoYs&list=PLkjY5rFGd9vwSLxt2maY05nwJ-ctjRVRr&index=1

Check out the cast here: http://asianwiki.com/Goblin_(Korean_Drama)

Check out the show here: http://dramayou.com/goblin/



2 thoughts on “Mid Review: Goblin

  1. Oh my gosh, seriously though, I didn’t even try to resist the obsession. Instantly. Obsessed. I love everything about this drama! Cornwall and I did a youtube discussion about their age difference (19 and 900…yeah I guess that’s a thing) but really, I can’t help loving their relationship.

    Anyway, nice to meet you, and I’m definitely going to follow your blog here! I want to hear your thoughts on Legend of the Blue sea when it finishes. 🙂


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