Mid Review – Nigeru Wa Haji Da Ga Yaku Ni Tatsu

It’s been so long J-Drama! 😭 You were the ones that first got me into dramas. I had forgotten how difficult it would be to find episodes once it airs. So for those who are wondering, I have yet to find a site like the K-Dramas one. However, ‘Dramanice’ is the one who I am heavily relying on for this drama. The episodes comes out on Tuesday in Japan and the site gets the new episode on Thursday and that following Tuesday, the previous episodes get subbed.

We Married as a Job

Nigeru Wa Haji Da Ga Yaku Ni Tatsu isn’t your ordinary drama (or maybe it is) but it is based off a manga and it focuses on Mikuri Moriyama and Hiramasa Tsuzaki. The title of the drama is translated as “we married as a job” and it is exactly what you think. The main characters got married as a job.

We Married as a Job Manga

I’ll try not to spoil anything 😀

Mikuri-san, our female lead, was a temp-worker at a company and decided to let her go (which if you ask me was really stupid and you’ll see why). Now, without any work, her father helps her find a job as a maid with an old acquintance, Hiramasa-san. He will see if she is what he is looking for in terms of cleaning his apartment and she excels the job.

Her parents surprise her with news that they were moving south and she would ultimately follow them since she has no place to live. However, she doesn’t want to move. For one, there would be no jobs for her and number two, she would have to give up her job Hiramasa-san. The relationship between the two is strictly business, but the two without knowing it have comforted each other with their words and we, the audience, can see that they started to fall for each other.

Hiramasa's Life

Mikuri-san comes up with a plan to stay and keep her job and she explains it to Hiramasa-san. Now Hiramasa-san is meticuoulsy and per verbatim, the “pro-bachelor”. With a woman living in his space, he comes up with a contract. The funny thing was they were originally going to tell her parents the truth but decided it would be easier to have their relationship be known as a marriage but at home it would be strictly business.

Mikuri and Hiramasa

I believe it is scheduled for 10 episodes as most J-Dramas are, so you still have time to catch up. I wonder how it will end.

Ending for We Married as a Job

FYI: The ending song is so catchy! It’s Koi by Gen Hoshino aka Hiramasa-san. Click the link: http://www.jpopsuki.tv/video/Gen-Hoshino—Koi/a8b577e9874ffd094918f2e40d5760b1

“Check out the drama: http://www1.dramanice.to/drama/nigeru-wa-haji-da-ga-yaku-ni-tatsu-detail

Check out the cast: http://asianwiki.com/We_Married_as_Job



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