Final Review: Shopping King Louie

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I’m back. I’m sorry for the long wait. With a busy schedule, the only time I can see some dramas is through Instagram. And without further ado, let me talk about Shopping King Louie.

**Spoilers Ahead**

Louie and Bok Sil

Shopping King Louie, you healed my heart after completing Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and you made me laugh and wish that everyone can find their special someone. The cast, the writers, and everyone did a fantastic job and I do hope they receive some awards at the end of the year. Here’s hoping (^.^)!!


LouieShopping King Louie begins with Louie, an only child raised by his wealthy grandmother and later on in France with his butler, Kim Ho Joon. Seo In Guk potrays Louie so well, it would be weird to see him as anything else afterwards, but I could be wrong (^^). On his way to Seoul, he gets into a car accident and is presumed dead.

Bok SilWe are introduced to Ko Bok Sil played by Nam Ji Hyun, who is always wonderful in her dramas and after the passing of her grandmother, she goes to find her little brother, Bok Nam in Seoul. The transition from the rural areas to the city is a difficult one as she struggles to find a job, food, and trustworthy people. Around that time, she sees someone with her brother’s clothes and quickly approaches that person and it turns out to be Louie, but with amnesia.
Homeless Louie Homeless Louie and Bok Sil Homeless Louie and Bok Sil eating Living Together











Together, the two start their new life together. Louie tries to remember who he is and Bok Sil works with Cha Joong Won, a company director that is owned by none other than Louie’s grandmother and finding her brother. At the apartment Bok Sil and Louie share, they meet Hwang Geum Ja and her son, Jo In Sung, who at first doesn’t seem helpful but later on become their family.

Louie and family Louie and Jo In Sung







Now what’s a drama without a villain and it is Baek Sun Goo, a family friend to Louie and his grandmother. Sun Goo dreams of being President, especially after Louie is presumed dead. I won’t give out any spoilers to what happens to him, but I will say that it’s right.

I hope you enjoy this drama as much as I did! How the drama ends is wonderful and thoughtful and all I can do is post pictures of it (*^.^*)

New Love for Joong Won

Family Bok Sil and parents






Bok Sil and Louie Louie






Future for Bok Sil and Louie

Check out the cast here:

Check out the OST here:

Check out the show here:


screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-8-08-35-pm Joong Won's parents


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