Mid Review: Oh Hae Young Again

I’m watching you tvN… After the fiasco that was Cheese in the Trap, my poor heart couldn’t take it and trusting another drama was going to be difficult, especially on tvN. But I’m giving you a chance tvN…

*Spoilers Ahead*

Oh Hae Young Cast

Oh Hae Young Again or Another Oh Hae Young is what I needed and it is doing so well; ratings are going up and the show got extended by 2 more episodes.

Oh Hae Young Oh Hae Young






Oh Hae Young Again is what everyone needs when we’ve been heartbroken. The drama focuses on Oh Hae Young, a simple working woman who gets the short end of the stick. We connect with her and we are her. The day before her wedding, her fiance breaks up with her and we feel her pain. She decides to everyone that she was the one who broke the engagement and in doing so, she faces the repercussions. Her parents don’t want to speak to her and she is kicked out of her parents’ house, her angry boss holds a grudge against her (which is truly funny, when you see why), and her broken heart left by her fiancee.

Park Do Kyung

Fate likes to play a cruel joke. We learned why the engagement was called off and he turns out to be her next door neighbor, Park Do Kyung, a sound specialist. While he portrays a cold demeanor, we also that his fiancee broke up the engagement, but on the day of the wedding. His heart never healed. Now, here comes the strange parts. He starts to have vision of Oh Hae Young. And I mean visions, like seeing the future. Why? I don’t even know. Could it be because of the guilt? I hope we find out why soon.

As they bond with each other and slowly start to heal, their relationship is something special… watch the scene below to see what I mean…

Along with the main OTP, the characters in their lives are fantastic! We have Do Kyung’s older sister, Park So Kyung, manager of a restaurant division in a company, Oh Hae Young’s boss and quite the drinker. She’s the best! Do Kyung’s younger brother, Park Hoon, who works under Do Kyung but wants to be a movie writer. He’s adorable even though he’s lacks the motivation. Lee Jing Sang as Do Kyung’s best friend and lawyer, who was also an accomplice for the fiasco of Oh Hae Young’s broken engagement.

Oh Hae Young

Now, the reason why it was titled, Oh Hae Young Again or Another Hae Young, because we are introduced to the pretty Hae Young, who was beautiful and loved by all in the past during her younger years and she happens to be Do Kyung’s ex-finacee. Now, everything about her is still the same and she is back. Why? Watch and find out!

And Oh Hae Young’s fiance is back too!

What will happen to all of them?


Watch the show here: https://www.viki.com/tv/30913c-oh-hae-young-again

Check out the cast here: http://asianwiki.com/Another_Miss_Oh


2 thoughts on “Mid Review: Oh Hae Young Again

  1. *Delete* please. Phone tweaked!!

    But what i wanted to say is I still don’t get the title. It sounds self-explanatory, but i am trying to understand which Oh Hae Young? I mean Oh Hae Young “not pretty” is the main lead, but are they trying to tell the story from Do Kyung’s perspective?

    • Hi aigoo. I’m sorry for the late message. And you are right, it is from Do Kyung’s perspective. I highly recommend watching it, everything was fantastic and I hope you get to enjoy it too!

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