Review: God’s Quiz Season 1 to 4

I have come to love binging on dramas. I get to avoid waiting the days for a new episodes and the ads when watching a recently new episode. If you are a fan of criminal/medical drama, I definitely have to recommend God’s Quiz

*Beware of spoilers*

God's Quiz

God’s Quiz is quite popular, as it has already completed its’ 4 season, all airing on ocn. To me, ocn produces dramas that have a fantastic storyline either by creating twists or suspense. Before I had started this site, one of the first shows that I watched was Vampire Prosecutor, which I loved (and will be talked more on another post).

Back to God’s Quiz, the series focuses on an intelligent doctor, Han Jin Woo, who was assigned by his professor to work in a special unit of the hospital he works in. This unit specializes on solving suspicious death and mysterious rare diseases with the police. The police in charge of this unit is Kang Kyung Hee, a woman who can handle anything except of Jin Woo. Being a know-it-all, makes Jin Woo cocky, but the more cases he solve, the more he likes it.

As for season 1, we are introduced to the characters, their relationship with each other and solving cases. As season 1 draws to an end, we learn of a secret, as to why Jin Woo is so intelligent and that leads into season 2.

God' s Quiz Season 2

Season 2 focuses on the team again as they solve cases. The relationship with the team gets stronger so does Kyung Hee and Jin Woo. You can see their flirtation with each other and its’ a nice way to break the tension when they face their cases. As each cases gets solved, another connection is draw to the villain from the first. Season 2 does not disappoint.

God's Quiz Season 3

Season 3 does change as Kyung Hee is off studying abroad for a year. Her relationship with Jin Woo stays strong, but without her it’s not the same (in my opinion). In this season, we are introduced to Bae Tae Shik, the detective that takes Kyung Hee’s place. Though the two bicker, they get the job done. Season 3 focuses on the change of Jin Woo and the outcome of it. Unfortunately, by the end of the season, we see the lost of a dear character and a huge cliffhanger.

God's Quiz Season 4

Season 4 brings in new people to the unit. After what happened at the end of season 3, Kyung Hee is back and ready to help. After what has happened to Jin Woo, to two become stronger and there are episodes that show their cute relationship. In this season, we are introduced to Jin Woo’s mother, one of Kyung Hee’s case and their connection with one another. As for the end of season 4, I was blown away as we say goodbye to another character and the hiding of Jin Woo. I haven’t heard of any news of a season 5, but I really do hope.

Hope you get the chance to check it out.

Check out the cast here:’s_Quiz


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