Ghost Dramas: Master’s Sun and Who Are You?

Two new Korean dramas have recently air Who Are You? (which airs on Monday and Tuesday) and Master’s Sun (airs on Wednesday and Thursday). To sum it up, these will be the two shows I’ll be watching and so far I am loving the theme for these dramas.

*Spoilers Ahead*

In Who Are You?, the female lead witnesses the death of her partner and is severely injured placing her in a coma. Sadly, when she wakes up, she does not remember anything about her partner’s death or who he is. We later see, that she is in charged of the Lost and Found Division in the Korea Police Department. Through unknowing circumstances, she is able to see ghosts.

What I had come to like about this drama is the unraveling of her past, which I hope gets more into detail as well helping the dead. It is almost like Ghost Whisperer (an American TV show). After watching the 5 episodes, I know I am not going to my “crazy animal mode” waiting for the episodes to come. What I had come in my “crazy animal mode” are the seen with Kim Jae Wook and So Yi Hyun; the dead partner and the female lead. I am dying to know their backstory and because episode 6 left off where it did, I can only image that she just remembers who he is but not what he really meant to her. So I guess I have to find out and see.

Who Are You?


As for Master’s Sun, the drama is created by the Hong Sisters and though they are famously known for their great dramas, this one is  not appealing to other reviewers. I do see where they are coming from. It is a slow pace drama but there is potential there and I do hope they are able  to show that potential.

Master’s Sun tells of a woman who can see ghosts. Though she is definitely frightened by these ghosts, she does help them by fulfilling their wish. Unfortunately, she can not live a normal life with these ghost hanging around bothering her every second. It is when she meets the main male lead that everything changes for her. Meeting this man can definitely change her whole life and that is something she wants.



As a final thought it will be interesting to see where the dramas goes. I do love the story each victim has sustained before their time of death and it will be interesting to see two different female character (actresses) handle each victim. Here’s hoping for successful dramas!


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