Final Review: Monstar

It’s officially over after 12 episodes Monstar comes to a close and I have to say that the ending was satisfying. Though if you were watching the show it also means that they left it open-ended.


*Beware Spoilers*

(I won’t give out to much spoilers. I’ll try to keep it to a minimal)

After finding out the truth about Se Yi’s father and its’ effect on Se Yi, we feel her pain because in the end, we find out the whole truth of what really happen that night. We could only image that if the show had 16 episodes, it might have concluded the ending.

What I had come to love in this show is the music created. I am a huge fan of the OST (Original Sound Track) of dramas, and I do hope that the music sung in this show makes it to it. The funny moments in the drama and at the last episode truly are another reason why I love the show. And I am not forgetting the emotional drama each character had to face, now that had my heart in a twist. Being able to see each character with its own episode and how they try to deal with it all comes back into this small group of students, where music helps them be free of all that. Not trying to be corny, but I’m glad it did show their progression of these “outcasts”. 

Hopefully, if anyone one reads this and you are trying to watch a new drama, check this one out. If you love Korean drama as much as I do, it’s a great drama to watch, with an added bonus of phenomenal music.



From Episode 5: Formation of the “Color Bar” band




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